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How to install Windows Vista Ultimate  
(clean install; remake system partition)
Enter Your Product Key then press Next to continue.
Note: You can leave it blank press Next and register your product later.
Press No to continue.  
Make sure that you select the edition of Windows that you purchased (in this case Windows Vista
Note: If you select the wrong edition, you will need to purchase that edition, or you will need to reinstall the
correct edition of Windows later.  
Check I accept the license terms and press Next.  
Click on Custom (advanced ) section to continue.  
To begin installation press Install now.  
Select your settings and press Next.  
After you selected your CD/DVD/RW to be your first boot device, you can begin your installation by
pressing any hey on your keyboard.   
Press Drive options (advanced).  
Press Delete to remake system partition.  
Windows setup will warn you that If you format this partition, all data stored on it will be permanently
deleted. Press OK to continue
Press New to recreate your system partition partition.  
Leave the same Size and press Apply.  
Press Next to begin install .  
Setup will continue after restart.  
If previously in bios you selected that your CD/DVD/RW to be your first boot device you will be prompted to
press any key to begin the installation.
Do not press any key because you will start another installation, just wait the installation to continue.
Enter Your Name then press Next to continue (you can provide a password later for your account).  
Provide a name for your computer and press Next.  
Select Use recommended settings.  
Review your time and data settings then press Next.  
Press Finish to complete installation.  
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Why reinstall Windows Vista Ultimate remaking system partition?

This reinstall with remaking the system partition should be used when the repair failed, or when the
system is too infected and no security software has helped to disinfect it. By remaking the system partition
you are sure that no infected files remain on the partition. You will also hear that is also called clean reinstall.
If you have used the repair install and the system still have issue it's recommended to use this reinstall.
But this install will not keep your files. Prior to begin a reinstall you will need to backup all your data that are
saved on the system partition to a secondary partition or to an external device( usb memory stick, cd or dvd
disks, external hard disk, etc)

The purpose of the article is to show how a Windows Vista Ultimate reinstall goes and how to remake
your system partition.

Lets start the installation: