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How to Downgrade from Windows 7
Ultimate to Windows 7 Home   
(using windows.old)
   If you previously Upgraded from Windows 7 Home to 7 Ultimate and you have Windows.old
folder, you can use it to downgrade back to Windows 7 Home  in four Steps:

Step 1 - Determine if you have free space on you system partition (you will need approximately your
              windows.old size) then use Windows 7 installation disk, start a new installation and go to
              Repair your computer option (Learn how to boot from cd/dvd-rom)
Step 2 - Use Command Prompt to move you vista installation from Windows.old to Windows and restore the
              boot sector. Restart your computer and you can use Windows 7 Home.
Step 3 - After Step 2 the following folders will remain on your computer:
             - Windows.7
             - Program Files.7
             - Users.7
             - Windows.old  
             These files can be deleted, please review them (Users.7 and Program Files.7) and backup you
              personal data
Step 4 - Go back to Repair your computer option and use Command Prompt to delete them.
   Step 1

    Go to Start choose Computer
Verify that you have free space on your system partition and cheep in mind you cd/dvd-rom drive letter (in
this case is E:)
Verify that in your system partition Windows.old folder exist then insert your Windows 7 installation
disk in your cd/dvd-rom and restart your computer.
Press any key to boot
Select your settings and press Next.  
Choose Repair your computer.  
Press Next to continue.
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   Step 2

   From System Recovery Options window choose Command Prompt option
Note: that the system letter is now E: instead of C:
First you need to rename your current Vista installation files in .7
Use the following commands (after each command press Enter):

E:        (assuming that your system partition is e:)
ren Windows Windows.7
ren "Program Files” “Program Files.7”
ren "Users” “Users.7”
Now you can move your Windows 7 Home installation from Windows.old to system partition
Use the following commands (after each command press Enter):

move /y e:\windows.old\windows e:\
move /y “e:\windows.old\program files” e:\
move /y e:\windows.old\users e:\

Close Command Prompt window
Now you can restore the boot sector, open again Command Prompt window and write:

f:/boot/bootsect /nt60 e:

(f: is your cd/dvd-rom and e: your system partition drive letter)
Press Enter, close Command Prompt window and restart your computer
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   Step 3

   Go to Start and chose Computer
Choose your system partition
After this procedure the following files will remain:

Program Files.7

Review them and backup all you personal data (Program Files.7 Users.7)
If your system don`t show you .Vista, select the file right click on him and select Properties. In Properties
window you can see the name and verify if is the correct folder.
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   Step 4

   After you backup you data you can delete this folders. Go back in System Recovery Options and choose
Command Prompt option and use the following commands (after each command press Enter):

rmdir /s “e:\windows.old”
rmdir /s “e:\windows.7”
rmdir /s “e:\Users.7”
rmdir /s “e:\Program Files.7”

Close Command Prompt window and restart your computer
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