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How to Start/Stop Security Accounts Manager

Service name: SamSs

Display name: Security Accounts Manager


The startup of this service signals other services that the Security Accounts Manager (SAM) is ready to accept requests.  Disabling this
service will prevent other services in the system from being notified when the SAM is ready, which may in turn cause those services to
fail to start correctly. This service should not be disabled.

Path to executable:


Services Regedit CMD Msconfig

This method shows you how to Start/Stop Security Accounts Manager service from starting with the operating system using
System Configuration

Perform the following steps:

Please go to Start and click on the Type here to search

Type msconfig and press Enter

In System Configuration please go to Services tab and locate Security Accounts Manager service
Uncheck the box to prevent this service to start and then press OK to finish

Any change make in System Configuration will be apply after restart