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How to verify hosts file for redirect
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7
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Type c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc and press Enter
In etc folder please open the hosts file
Please select Notepad and press ok
This is the default hosts file
If you make any changes in order to bring the hosts file to default state,before closing, you need to save
the changes.
Note: Windows Vista do not allow to change this file, please follow this workaround to save the file

Please go to File and choose Save As...
Click on the Browse Folders button
Please select Desktop, press Save button and then close hosts file
In the etc folder please select hosts file and select Rename
Please change the hosts file name in host.old and press Enter
Please confirm permission and UAC pop-ups in order to continue
Now go to your Desktop, right click on the hosts file and select Copy
In etc folder right click and select Paste
Please confirm permission and UAC pop-ups in order to continue
Because the hosts file was save like a Text Document, we need to delete his .txt extension, but first we
need to see the files extensions. In the etc folder please go to Tools and choose Folder Options...  
In the Folder Options window please go the View tab, deselect Hide extensions for known file types
checkbox and press ok button
Now right click on hosts.txt file from the etc folder and select Rename
Please delete the .txt extension and press Enter
Please confirm rename,permission and UAC pop-ups in order to continue
In order to finis please close etc folder
This method shows you how to verify for redirect checking hosts file
Please perform the following steps:

Please go to Pearl button (Start) and click on the Start Search
For more information about the change from Start to Pearl button click here
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