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Dynamic update


Specifies if DNS dynamic update is enabled. Computers configured for DNS dynamic update automatically register and update their DNS resource records with a DNS server.

If you enable this policy setting, or you do not configure this policy setting, computers will attempt to use dynamic DNS registration on all network connections that have connection-specific dynamic DNS registration enabled. For a dynamic DNS registration to be enabled on a network connection, the connection-specific configuration must allow dynamic DNS registration, and this policy setting must not be disabled.

If you disable this policy setting, computers may not use dynamic DNS registration for any of their network connections, regardless of the configuration for individual network connections.

Supported on:

At least Windows Server 2003 operating systems or Windows XP Professional

GPO PowerShell Regedit CMD

Not Configured - No registry values are specified.

Disabled - Any values that would be created by the policy in the registry are deleted.

Enabled - Adding, modifying or delete values in the registry.

User Interface can be found in the Group Policy.

Please navigate to Computer Configuration - Policies - Administrative Templates - Network - DNS Client folder.