Computer step by step
 Make your Pc better
    Computer step by step was designed for a new or advanced computer user, who needs a detailed
guide to solve most common computer issues.

   The first section created was Infected PC. In these days most common pc errors are caused  by
malicious software and computer owners find these issues very complicated and time consuming.
Usually malicious software restricts access to important windows tools and features, to deny any
access or possibility to the owner to disinfect his computer. That is why this section contains numerous
articles and methods how a user can regain control of his computer using windows tools and features.
We consider this to be the most important step, because the user is free to choose and use any
software or removal tools to get rid of the virus. We have included also some suggestions for
various software programs that can be used to disinfect and protect your computer.

   The second section created was Computer Maintenance. A user will be satisfied with his
computer if it runs at peak performance and it doesn't give him any trouble. This section is divided in
2 parts :Hardware maintenance and Software maintenance. All steps described will improve your
computer speed and you aren't forced into buying any software programs. You'll use only utilities that  
are provided by your operating system by default.

   The installation section was created to show how a windows installation goes and what types of
installation are available when you want to reinstall your operating system. Additional are added
information about how to repair your operating system, transfer your personal data, how to start an
installation from cd/dvd, what is the difference between starting an installation from your current
operating system and starting it from cd/dvd; methods how to upgrade or downgrade your operating
system using your Windows media cd/dvd (For OEM Windows you need to access OEM sites to see
what options you have)

   Our goal is to add new sections and update the old ones and provide easy and helpful guides that
can be accessible to everyone, regardless of their computer knowledge.
   Please feel free to send us your feedback and comments at